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lou's all set to perform some solid stand-up out at Amy Tee's 2015 North Shore Comedy Commencement Ceremonies at Timothy's in Danvers.

Join a baker's dozen-ish a the North Shore's near-future best 'n brightest stand-up comics on Thursday, September 17th. Doors open at 6pm, the show starts at 8pm. $20 for dinner and the show, $10 for just the show. Proceeds from the show go to benefit mental health awareness via Amy's experiMENTAL Comedy Therapy.

Show-related links of interest:

the semi-official Facebook Event page
Amy Tee's experiMENTAL Comedy | tickets for the show
timothysdanvers.com — liSsen' ta that disco!


TEDxBeaconStreet Comedy Catalyst News

TEDxBeaconStreet recently tapped Stand Up Comedian lou suSi to be the official Comedy Catalyst to bring a little light and laughter into the mix this Fall.

The team's comin' together quite nicely, too! With a fast 'n furious line-up of comedic talent to trump yo towers right, including: Christine An, Phoebe Angle, Laura Brennan, the indelible Deb Mascara, Bill Barnert, Mike Settlow, Boston 'Rob' Lundberg, Wes Hazard and The Mighty Tim 'TS' Lemire. Oh ... and me, too, I guess.

'sGonna be some mad-aSs fun!
More deetz to come, stay tuned!

In the meantime
Go read more about TEDxBeaconStreet


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on lou Stand Up

Just got back from Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day 8 NYC this year, workin' with some mad-cool and hilarious talent on 3 different projects, including:

Thanks to Cultivated Wit, General Assemb.ly and the entire ensemble of eclectic talent. A life-altering experience. A veritable wild circus weekend shared with: stand-ups; comedic and improv actors; developers; designers; entertainers; artists; humorists; dreamers; and me { ? } ;]

Oh, and much well-deserved congratulations to the CHD8NYC Winning Teams and Projects: Got This Thing; Days to Live; Pizza Blaster; Feminize It; Force Feed; Emoji Me; and ... woah ... could it be? ... TWRK!

Such madCap 'n productive comedy devved-Up fun!


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